A Unique Naturopathic Practice: What to Expect

In this practice, care is provided as IN-OFFICE VISITS, HOME VISITS, and virtual follow-ups (as needed). While I primarily work with adults and adolescents to address chronic health concerns or preventive care, for established patients I also provide non-emergent acute care (colds, flus, etc), sports/school physicals, and well-child care for patients over 6 years of age. 

General sequence of establishing care is as follows: 

1. The initial consultation is the information gathering session and where you get to know each other. In this session, you and I will go through your case history in detail, do a basic physical, and discuss your goals.  This is also when I determine if there is additional lab-work that needs to be done and what initial impressions on the direction of your care. Depending on the case, this consultation can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes.  All services are at a flat rate of $250/hr. 


2. Now comes individualized plan design!   I take all the info I've gathered in initial consultation (in addition to new labs or info that's been sent in from other providers) to come up with your constitutional plan and preliminary timeline. Wondering what an individualized plan might look like?  See a sample report HERE. 


3. Plan discussion and Q&A:  In this short visit (30-40min), we go through the ins and outs of any lifestyle, nutritional, and botanical recommendations I make in your initial report. If I have recommendations for coordinating care with additional providers (example: massage, acupuncture), I'll also provide referral info at this time. 


Note: For home visits, I do not bill extra for travel in South Portland and Portland. All other municipalities are subject to a standardized mileage fee in addition to the flat visit time rate (see above). For more information on billing and logistics, please consult my FAQ page. 

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