Join Dr. Aline Potvin for a comprehensive, highly applicable, holistic dive into anatomy and physiology. Discussion of the human body, it's function, and the relationship it has to treatment with medicinal plants is split up into twelve video modules for self-paced learning.  This is an essential foundational course for any new (or seasoned) herbalist.


Each module contains:

Video course material discussing anatomical structures and physiological function (2-4 hours)

Discussion of fundamental herbal actions to support each system and examples of common herbs

Audio tracks and PDF notes to accompany each lesson

Case studies for material synthesis and formulation development

Quizzes and self-evaluation activities

Lifetime access to online video/files


Payments can be made in full or in 6 monthly installments of $85


About the instructor: Dr. Potvin is a naturopathic physician practicing in Maine, where she also has taught over 50 sections of university level anatomy and physiology over the past 8 years. She began working with plants 17 years ago and has lead numerous workshops on materia medica, wild plant gathering, and herbal medicine making/use. She loves that every patient she works with receives the plants in a different way, and loves teaching budding herbalists about the nuances of working with the body and how to refine the art of their practice. Dr. Potvin is dedicated to equity in herbal education and has several designated scholarship seats for students that identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA.



Anatomy and Physiology for Herbalists: An Online Course


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