Weight Blindness and Weight Bias: 5 ways Fat-Phobia Might be Lurking in Your Practice

As a Naturopathic doctor, I love providing integrative, individualized, intentional care. Lots of people come to me looking for ways to support their health through lifestyle changes and other holistic modalities. I teach a lot of community classes about prevention and self-care.

I’m also fat. I have been a plus-sized person (and fluctuated on that spectrum) for much of my life.

It took a long time to reconcile that truism. As I navigated my medical education and eventually built a small private practice, I frequently encountered clap-back in relationship to living in a larger body. Particularly in medicine (holistic/integrative medicine, no less), providing care as a fat person creates a great degree of cognitive dissonance; in colleagues, prospective patients, potential business partners and referral networks. In Western society, body size and shape is incredibly intertwined with our preconceived notions around health and wellness. Continue reading HERE.

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