Fat Acceptance Resources: Curating Your Social Media to Dismantle Internalized Fatphobia

As social creatures, it can be challenging to come into your most authentic self when we don't see representation of our selves anywhere. Especially when social media and media at large preferentially showcase one narrative and one way of being. This of course, is generally a white, able-bodied, straight, middle class, thin ideal. Unsurprisingly, this is not (nor has it ever been) a true representation of the human population. As such, it can be very challenging for larger bodied patients to feel affirmed in their physical selves and it's intersection with their other identities. A majority of the U.S. is plus-sized, but that is not the marketing we are exposed to every day. This reinforces internalized and outright fatphobia, which has multitudes of negative health effects on individuals. As a harm reduction strategy, and out of love and care for the people I work with, I have a running list of fat acceptance/body positive/anti-diet/intuitive eating resources. This allows them to curate their social media streams and reading material to uplift and expose themselves to fat bodies and fat discussion. This can have major impact on level of empathy for self and others (even for straight-size individuals or people that don't identify as larger-bodied). Fatphobia in it's many forms, and as a form of systemic oppression, in fact, hurts everyone.

You'll notice again, that many of these resources are primarily about fat bodies in the form of art, blogging, academic writing, activism, etc. But the fat acceptance and body liberation movement intersects with many identities, and (as is common), the movement has been developed and spearheaded by people that share many oppressed identities. These individuals are essential resources not only for the liberation of fat individuals, but also for the dismantling of systemic racism, classism, ableism, and systemic oppression of the LGBTQIA+ community.

This is a resource I will continue to update, so feel free let me know if there are other websites/resources that have been beneficial to you.



Happy Fat by Sophie Hagen

Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement by Charlotte Cooper

Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, and Just Plain Fail to Understand about Weight by Linda Bacon PhD and Lucy Aphramor, PhD, RD

Oppression and The Body: Roots, Resistance, and Resolutions by Christine Caldwell

Landwhale: On Turning Insults Into Nicknames, Why Body Image is Hard, and How Diets Can Kiss My Ass by Jes Baker

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living by Jes Baker

The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love by Sonya Renee Taylor

Body Kindness: Transform Your Health from Inside Out and Never Say Diet Again by Rebecca Scritchfield

You Have the Right to Remain Fat by Virgie Tovar

The Fuck It Diet: Eating Should Be Easy by Caroline Dooner

Intuitive Eating Workbook: Principles for Nourishing a Healthy Relationship with Food by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN, and Elyse Resch, MS, RDN

Fear the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fatphobia by Sabrina Strings


Anti-Diet/Fat Positive Practitioners:

@benourishedpdx: creators of Body Trust ® method

@louismetzmd: internal medicine physician, HAES® provider


@pauladatkinson: psychotherapist and anti-diet warrior

@wn4dc_symposium: Weight neutral for diabetes care symposium for professionals

@carriedennet: intuitive eating counselor

@mosaiccomprehensivecare: weight inclusive primary and gynecologic care

@tracybrownrd: assists with making peace with for and weight for chronic dieters and eating disorder sufferers

@moretoloveyoga : yoga and wellness for bigger bodies

@haes_sizediversity: Association for Size Diversity and Health

@opalfoodandbody: Medical and health practice, eating disorder recovery

@sarahbnutrition: anti-diet nutritionist and intuitive eating counselor

@are.you.gonna.finish.that: Sam LaPlante, RN discussing anti diet and body honoring philosophy

@bodypeaceconference: Virtual body image and eating disorders conference

@haes_studentdoctor: HAES® and weight inclusive care, medical ethics

@gaudianiclinic: expert telemedicine medical care for eating disorders/disordered eating, HAES® informed

@aaronfloresrdn: RDN, certified body trust ® provider, HAES® advocate

@madeonagenerousplan: Meredith Noble, Fat liberation coach

@foodfreedombodylove: Dr. Jill Murphy, ND

@tastingabundance: Kimmie Singh, MS, RD: HAES® and Body liberation dietician

@somewhere_under_the_rainbow: Rachel Otis, somatic therapist and activist

@rebeccascritchfield: RDN, Body Kindness author

@fatpositivefertility: fat positive and feminist fertility coach Nicola Salmon

@alexfoodfreedom: discussing eating disorder recovery and fighting weight stigma

@theintuitive_rd: Kirsten Ackerman, Fat Positive dietician

@thefatsextherapist: Sonalee, trauma therapist and fat positive provider

@kristamurias: Intuitive eating coach

@bodybravecanada: eating disorder treatment and support, professional training

@bodyimage_therapist: Ashlee Bennett, art psychotherapist for body image, internalized fat phobia, self acceptance

@alissarumseyrd: Intuitive eating coach and RD

@kristinabruce_coach: Body Trust® provider and body acceptance coach

@gofeedyourself_ : Lauren Newman, RD, weight inclusive and diabetes expert

@chr1styharrison: anti-diet and intuitive eating dietician Christy Harrison, host of Food Psych ® Podcast

@theantidietplan: Alexis Conason, psychologist

@drcolleenreichmann: clinical psychologist, eating disorder recover and HAES ®

Intersectional Fat Acceptance Discussion/ Fat Activism

@fomnz : Cat Pausé, Fat studies scholar, Fat Activist

@poetluchwellnow: Lucy Aphramor, RD and body liberation academic.

@shilogeorge: consultant and superfat activist

@kimberly.dark : sociologist, fat activist


@virgietovar: fat activist and author

@fionawiller: weight neutral academic and educator

@idaho_amy: fat activist

@the.ugly.black.woman: Vanessa Rochelle Lewis, speaker, artist, activist


@nalgonpositivitypride: Xicana indigenous body positive and eating disorder awareness organization

@fiercefatfemme: Critical fat studies theorist and performance artist

@sonyareneetaylor: author, body liberation activist

@fatlippodcast: infinifat activist


@theembodiedfatactivist: Nic McDermid, fat activist and content creator

@ragenchastain: speaker, writer, activist

Fat Art/Photography

@lindseyguilestudio: Body Positive artist, Lindsey Guile

@fatfolx: A devised theatre exploration of how we move and fat experience


@fatventuremag: featuring work by fat creators

@ladybuchness: fat positive artist

@fatfemmefurious: Julischka Stengele, fat performance artist

@scotteeisfat: performance artist

@adipositivity: Substantia Jones, fat liberation photo-activist

@zaftig.art: fat positive art

@stinegreveillustration: fat positive illustrator

@shooglet: Sugar McD, fat positive artist and photography also @shoogsart

@cozibae: health at every size ® digital content specialist

@fattiesandfeelings: illustrator of fatties and feelings

@paramoart: body positive art

@mayakern: fat positive artist

@percelainette: visual and makeup artist

@csuggsillustration: fat positive cartoonist and illustrator

@art.brat.comics: fat babe illustrations

@dietcultureinc: parody account raising awareness about diet culture

@mermaidqueenjude: Queer and latinx fat story teller

@neoqlassicalart: body positive art

@historicalfatpeople: historical photos of fat individuals

Fat Blogging/Podcast/Writing:


@fatcollective: body positive podcast, blog

@matteroffatpod: body positive podcast with Midwest sensibilities

@freeblackgirl: author and editor in chief of bitchmedia



@msjencurran: writer and sketch comedy artist

@itsjustacookierevolution: intuitive eating and HAES ® blog

@_nobodyaskedforthis : anti-diet podcast

@biggirlsclimbtoo: A community for plus size climbers

@mixedfatchick: blogger on social justice and body liberation

@fgt_fatcamp: Fat girls traveling fat camp

@recoverybrainfood: blog about body politics, eating disorder recovery




@queersagainst dieting: body positivity and neutrality

@comfyfattravels: non binary freelance fat writer


@stylepluscurves: plus size model and fashion blogger

@colleenmwerner: body positive ballerina, eating disorder therapist in training

@your_body_is_good: Amanda Martinez Beck, good body journey author

@thefuckitdiet: Caroline Dooner, writer and author of The Fuck It Diet

@fatgirlstraveling: fat positive travel community resources

@thebodyisnotanapology: online community for radical self love

Fat Fashion

@dr.debchristel: Size inclusive fashion designer







@unskinnyhero: Carina Shero, fat model

@maxeygreene: Plus size model

@fatgirlflow: Carissa Enneking, plus size fashion blogger

@tessholliday: fat super model

Fat Comedians/Actors/ Public Figures

@resilientfatgoddex: (SJ Thompson) Queer, fat, trans body lib project

@fatchcomedy: fat sketch comedy

@melissadtoler: anti-diet, weight inclusive speaker

@chairbreaker: fat queer blogger Caleb Luna

@lollyadefope: actor/comedian, actor on Hulu’s Shrill (fat positive television show)

@isabelfoxenduke: group coaching

@thelindywest: author of Shrill

@louisemcsharry: body positive writer

@glitterandlazers: author and public speaker

@lizzobeeating: body positive musician

@iamdaniadriana: fat digital creator and writer

@300poundsandrunning: Martinus Evans, plus sized athlete

@meghantonjes: fat blogger, youtuber, singer-songwriter

@aidybryant: fat actor and lead actor in Shrill

@themirnavator: speaker, author, plus sized athlete Mirna Valerio

@amberkarnesofficial: body positive yoga

@sofiehagendk: comedian and fat commentator

@louisegreen_bigfitgirl: Body positive fitness coach and activist

@practicewithdana: Fat positive online yoga with Dana Falsetti


Do No Harm Podcast: Dr. DeAun Nelson, ND explores (solo and with guests) what is possible in healthcare when we shift our focus off weight and why it’s important to us.

Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison, MPH, RD: On this podcast, Christy Harrison invites some of the lead and growing voices in the anti-diet movement, fat liberation/activism, diet culture, and body positivity movement to discuss the many intersections of fat phobia in society and how to build an anti-diet revolution.

Friend of Marilyn: Fat positive radio show that proves counter programming to the normative discourses on fatness and obesity in our culture, hosting conversations in which accepted ideas and stereotypes around fatness are challenged.

Hoovering: A podcast about eating with British Comedian, Jessica Fostekew

It’s Just a Cookie: A podcast hosted by Marielle Berg that explores all things food related and body image. The episodes take a critical look at issues related to food, weight, eating disorders, disordered eating, chronic dieting, and healthism. Marielle holds conversation with healers and activists that work from a health at every size and intuitive eating perspective

Living in this Queer Body: This podcast is hosted by Asher Pandjiris, a queer psychotherapist and group facilitator. The podcast is geared toward individuals that identify as queer, and many of the episodes explore (with guests), issues with body image, issues related with food, weight, and eating disorders, and body liberation (among other topics) within the queer community.

Made of Human: This podcast is hosted by Danish comedian and fat acceptance writer Sophie Hagen. In addition to many other topics (about being human), Sophie discusses matters of fat acceptance, fat experience, body image, fat shame and trauma, and life as a fat comedian with their guests. Sophie is also the author of the recently released book Happy Fat.

Matter of Fat Podcast: This is a body positive podcast with Midwest sensibilities! Co-hosts Cat Polivoda and Saraya Brogan highlight community voices with a lens on body size, body positivity, and fat liberation.

She’s All Fat Podcast: Hosted by April K Quioh and Sophie Carter-Kahn, this podcast is a series of deep dives into fat experience, intersections of fat women, fat trans and queer folks, and fat people of color. It also discusses current events in the fat community, and discussion around basic day to day considerations and experiences as a fat person.

The Appetite: A Podcast by Opal: Food*Body*Wisdom: Hosted and facilitated by Opal’s therapist, Carter Umhau. This podcast discusses issues with body image, disordered eating, treatment of eating disorders, and the many intersections in between.

The Fat Lip: This is a fat liberation podcast for people of size that focuses on the struggles, triumphs, and every day lives of fat people hosted by Ash, a sassy fat person and change-maker. Typical episodes discuss relationships, fashion, careers, access, body politics, diet culture, and more.

Unpacking Weight Science: Fiona Willer, RD gets into the deep and broad world of weight science and the issues with harmful weight centrism in current healthcare. This podcast is smart, deeply evidence based, and a great resource that really assists in picking apart the science (and bias) of weight and fat studies.

Woman of Size Podcast: Jana Schmieding is a public educator and comedian to chats with special guests about the way we think about our bodies, impact it has on our lives, and how we’re claiming space.

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