A Short List: Ways Internalized and Overt Fatphobia Show Up In Your Holistic Medical Practice

Unexamined fatphobia in healthcare has dangerous consequences for patients and can greatly impede their access to proper care. Providers are frequently unaware of the many ways they may be contributing to a fatphobic system and reinforcing oppressive practices that cause harm. Implicit bias, however, contributes just as much damage as purposeful discrimination. It extends beyond our care as clinicians, into the ways we market our practices and develop office systems. As integrative and natural healthcare providers, we have a great opportunity to be truly holistic in our means of developing our practice, acting as agents of change to break down oppressive barriers for people seeking compassionate care. For the purpose of raising awareness, I’ve compiled (and continue to catalog) ways that fatphobia is perpetuated in practice.

Giving exercise prescriptions without asking about exercise routine

Giving dietary prescriptions without asking about dietary habits

Assuming larger bodied patients don’t know anything about nutrition

Assuming larger bodied patients don’t know anything about movement or exercise

Not screening for eating disorders in larger bodied patients

Presuming “overeating” or binge eating in larger bodied patients

Prescribing restrictive food regimens

Prescribing over-exercising or compensatory exercise

Not taking on patients in larger bodies

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