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Biddeford Office Hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment only. Please see the Booking button below to select appointment type and time.



Telephone: 207-205-2367

Fax: 888-965-0608

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Are Y.O.W. services covered by insurance?

Dr. Potvin doesn't directly bill insurance, but consultations are covered with most HSA and FSA's.  In some cases, she has found reimbursement to be possible for many services, but she recommends that you contact your Insurance company and confirm PRIOR to making an appointment and completing any labs.

What are your rates?

Consultation rates (in-person, phone, electronic, and home visits) are billed at $250/hour. Travel fees apply for home visits. 

Do you offer sliding scale options?

Currently Dr. Potvin does not offer sliding scale for one-on-one care, but she frequently offers both community and adult-ed classes that can be very helpful in developing foundations of self-care.  She recommends new-comers to her practice and naturopathic medicine try these workshops for low-cost but valuable educational opportunities.  See her course and herbal apprenticeship schedules here: 

I heard you offer membership options and larger packages. Is that still available?

As of September 2017, Dr. Potvin is no longer accepting patients for membership plans. All consultations are now pay per visit. 

Do you work with children?

Dr. Potvin works with adults, adolescents, and children over the age of 6. She is not currently accepting newborn or patients under age 6.

What conditions do you work with and how do you treat them as a naturopathic doctor? 

Dr. Potvin currently works primarily with women who have chronic digestive issues (IBS, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, Heartburn, SIBO, etc) and autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Sjögren's, Psoriasis, Endometriosis, to name a few). She also provides general restorative care, stress management care, and non-emergent acute care for established patients (colds, flus, etc).  Naturopathic medicine is individualized, so everyone is treated slightly differently depending on their presentation, but some of the biggest tools Dr. Potvin employs are lifestyle and diet changes, nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, and nature therapy/mindfulness therapy.   

I'm taking medications. Will you make me stop taking them?

While Dr. Potvin has very successfully helped people come off certain medications (proton pump inhibitors being a good example), she recognizes this is not possible with many (thyroid medications and certain heart meds being a good example).  Her herbal and nutritional training has been in the context of how to prescribe with little to no interaction with pharmaceuticals. She works with each individual to find best integrative options and meets patients where they are at for best results and maximum safety. She prescribes certain classes of medications as necessary (see Maine ND formulary here). Dr. Potvin also will refer out to any providers deemed necessary to complete your care. Due to the limited nature of Maine ND scope of practice, she does not practice primary care and expects her patients to establish a relationship with a primary care provider in addition to naturopathic care. 

Do you run labs?

 Yes. Lab evaluation is an important part of Dr. Potvin's diagnostic process. Some are conventional blood tests, and others are saliva test kits that must be sent out via mail. 


Office Transition: What to Expect


In-Office Visits:

In-office visits at the Biddeford location will continue until October 25, 2019.  I am in the process of securing part time office space for after that deadline in Portland for those patients that travel far for their visits and/or require office visits. I intend to continually update the website with this information as it evolves (see link below). Please refer there regularly for most recent updates.

Virtual and Home visits:

Virtual and Home Visits are not new services provided by the practice, but as they are increasing in frequency, a reminder for all practice members that virtual visits (video and/or phone) are appropriate for follow-ups that do not require physical exam. For all other needs, home visits (or outside emergent/after hours/primary care visits) are appropriate.   



Due to increased volume, I will be fielding all messaging/electronic questions and video teleconferencing through my online portal, chARM EHR. If you have not already been set up in the system, you will receive email confirmation of enrollment prior to October 25, 2019. Phone consultations will be conducted as per usual.  


Home Visits: 

Home visits will be utilized for first office visits, acute follow-ups, follow up visits that require physical exam, and visits where the practice member’s preference is face-to-face time. Travel fees, etc are highlighted below:


Travel Fees:

The practice flat hourly rate will remain the same for the 2019/2020 year for all visit types. Due to proximity, travel cost will be waived for patients living in Portland and South Portland moving forward.  Established patients who live within the greater Portland Area (Westbrook, Pownal, Gorham, Scarborough, Freeport, Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth, and Cumberland) will have waived travel fees until April 1, 2020 for all home visits. As you would expect, phone and video conference visits will not be subject to any additional travel fees. Travel fees for home visits will be calculated on a case by case basis relative to a standardized mileage. 


Booking visits:

All visit booking (even virtual or acute phone consultations) must be done through the online scheduler from September 1st onward.  Refer to the contacts page of the practice website to access that booking button, or follow the direct the link here:

When you go to the booking page, you’ll notice that there are different options for virtual (phone/video) or home visit, and varying options based on your location. Be sure book accordingly.  

New Terms and Policies of Practice:

For those who continue on with the practice in this changed format, I will provide new practice terms and policies in hard copy to reflect the changed structure. 

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